Who we are


“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future” Franklin D. Roosevelt

You Have It In You Foundation is a Canadian Registered Non-Profit Organisation that was founded in February 2014 by Vu Mashengele , Lorraine Bere and Thuli Mazwi ,three friends working to fulfil their purpose through the foundation. We cater to the overall well-being (physical, spiritual and emotional) of children, youth and women .The foundation was formed as an avenue to provide vulnerable children , youth and women with an opportunity to obtain an education , generate income through viable sustainable projects and employ their God-give skills to add value to their communities. During a visit to Zimbabwe in October 2013, we discovered some issues that were directly affecting the children and youth in Bulawayo. Having grown up in Zimbabwe we wanted to give back to the country that raised us and YHIIU Foundation was birthed.


Our mission is to LOVE ,PROTECT and EDUCATE children, youth and women in vulnerable communities.


  • Reach, Teach, Empower, Sustain
  • We cater to the overall wellbeing of children, youth and women.
  • We are accountable and transparent to all our supporters
  • We make a transformative impact in the communities we work in
  • We won’t stop until the job is done


To alleviate poverty and advance development in vulnerable Zimbabwean communities by educating and empowering children and youth and providing training to women so that they can generate income to sustain their families.